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A lifetime of wearing the same outfit, building moon lasers, and occasionally having a large man with a square jaw smack the crap out of you.
Who works for these people?
What isn't Captain America telling us about Hydra? What isn't Adventure Comics telling us about Kobra? Moonraker about SPECTRE?
RISE, KRAKEN! walks the fine line between gonzo satire and serious examination, exploring a global domination organization (KRAKEN) through the eyes of Hannibal Carter, an idealistic university student who gets involved first in campus politics, then accidentally in radical violence... drawing him into the vortex of KRAKEN, a global organization with the stated goal of raising a giant sea creature that will rule the world by iron fist and slimy tentacle.
But Hannibal quickly discovers that behind the mad machinations of KRAKEN leader Maschinemann Heimlich Van Der Blitz is an entire superstructure of committed global activists, willing to toe the KRAKEN line in order to carry out their own agendas working against Western hegemony, recruiting members from towns and regions devastated by global economics.
Hannibal's our introduction to a dizzying blend of '70s evil empires and contemporary economics – and as the series progresses, he goes from a stunned neophyte to global activist to the head of the world's most powerful criminal organization.
With an amazing cast of characters including One Eye Frank, "Sensible" Sundeep, Guts the Mutant, Arms McGee, Jarrod Carnation and Captain Victory, RISE, KRAKEN! is an unforgettable plunge into the world of ocean bases and global trade, super-spies and macroeconomics.
Join the revolution. Raise the sea beast. Liberate the masses.

Parece interessante. Além disso, o pessoal disponibilizou o pitch da série, que pode ser interessante pra quem quer saber como funciona a apresentação de uma hq a uma editora (que edite, de fato).

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