segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016


Na última edição de sua newsletter semanal, vovô Ellis republicou um texto no qual falava sobre The Wake, livro de Paul Kingsnorth. Grifos meus.
The whole thing is written in a constructed language, what Kingsnorth calls a “shadow tongue.”  It’s Old English, but the sentences are configured in the manner of Modern English.  It takes some work to get into, but once you find the rhythm, the contexts become clear, and I only had to google a few words to obtain complete clarity.  It is, in that sense, a modern book – one that needs a network connection to fully decode.  I don’t recommend reading it on your Kindle on a plane, because you might end up muttering “what the fuck is a fugol” too loudly and making the flight attendants look at you funny. 

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