sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011


"Animators who worked on The Smurfs told us it took 5,000 eight-core Intel processors to render the film and that, on average, it took one animator a week to render three to four seconds of footage.

Considering that the Manhattan Project rode on the computing power of six dudes with slide rules and blunt pencils, we figure these machines can either animate a bunch of small blue people that live in mushrooms, or they can plot the destruction of humankind.

Anybody else in the world would be using these computers to design nuclear weapons, stealth fighters, UAVs or Lara Croft-crocodile hybrids, but not us. America uses its supercomputers to render monomaniacal blue Belgian gnomes."

O texto (em inglês, se é que você ainda não percebeu), pode ser lido aqui. Achei engraçado.

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